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Skills To Enable Independent Living

The Support And Care Humanity Foundation is committed to furnishing sustainable results to the social problems stemming from poverty. Tone- development is pivotal to achieving this. By giving people training, chops and trades, we’re giving them power. The power to take control and change their lives ever.

Our Training Institute delivers high- quality vocational training to individualities who are unfit to mileage of similar services away. Professionally designed training, which is acclimatized to suit the capabilities of the trainees, provides the youthful women and men with the occasion to train and get a job placement.
The institute was originally set up to help worried and marginalized women. Now it’s also open to youthful people from Support And Care Humanity Foundation protection homes, girding slum areas and through placements from other NGOs working towards womanish and youth commission. These will generally be kiddies who haven’t entered formal educations. Support And Care Humanity Foundation runs further vocational training in Mathura through a separate training institute operated by our mate NGO, which is overseen and covered by Support And Care Humanity Foundation.

Our training encompasses practical approaches and hands-on literacy. These chops empower trainees, make confidence and enable them to gain employment. Each training course is congratulated with a instrument upon completion and work placement openings, as a stepping gravestone for trainees to enter the wider pool. This programme ensures they can earn a paycheck, breaking the cyclical poverty trap they were born into.

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